Free Bitcoin Lottery

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Welcome to AVABitcoin Free Faucet Lottery!

How it works?

This lottery works in a similar way to usual Bitcoin faucet, but with one difference: instead of Satoshis, you are claiming claim free entries to our raffle. The more entries you claim – higher are your chances of winning.
UPDATE: We’ve switched to weekly prize draw. Now the rewards will be drawn on Saturday morning (CET). Daily average prize fund is increased.

  1. You need to have account atΒ FaucetHub first. Our Lottery pays only to FaucetHub addresses!
  2. You need to register to our website before you can make claims. Registered users also receive our occasional newsletter with special offers and information about free entries.!


Total paid so far: 1,277,610 Satoshis
Entries this round: 15,557 entries





Seniority bonus:

15% after 15 Days
30% after 30 Days


15000 winning tickets / 10 Satoshi each


Once a week (Saturday)


No bots, no cheating, no self-referring. Punishment - ban for cheater and all referrals.

Address Amount
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 40,570
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 27,520
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 20,630
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 13,470
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 13,060
1GsCNSyef61ZpBpt4n97EKLhteCQWMWVkN 8,120
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 6,990
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 5,610
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 3,440
1JAM2huCqgYBiRGQkXVtYHBz3Ce5jBduSp 2,510
1EnQLDudVwU6Vhqq5wKUEbhX5ApcWfLSU8 2,310
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 1,310
1P3Ks37QkfTEbXn5Es65qPSN8wTd1SQFvt 1,130
17cEL9d8QgTRiSwrhp4f87EJrb4CwDDzko 800
1MVcqLKaS7UCwcFx6zWe6de9zLuMPbg3aC 580
3H7MbNbMhWbXTo6fwVvJ9DKoLLd5zcvLVy 540
3PkcnrraSwSbC4ToKR2c7JvE1e1m5uMRmY 290
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 280
1JA1sRHJnH71Xisr7Y1QF8W25UmgeYXzAj 230
35mr5CsoC8xeCz5Ab9uAbBdn2s5pLYfnXo 130
3L1MFNUNR9b4rg932AegQpuJ6rZMss4zXx 110
16ebbjUYDpmcdMhuTHfRiFUkFh2iL4yxvW 110
14ZosNA3R5F8SyiaWE4GxBcqNhQE7i6WXp 100
32WRC21utdEgB42JEDSkNS6uaw9w65aCas 70
3DgiiCju94RfjFcnYGy44mCev53vj23Gbz 60
14b8AzDVhwobJPWBeSYT6CwuyJZiGWDff6 30
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 6,280
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,820
1AghiKfoHNuXkj8qUJrcvrFTcxvdCK6x6F 2,580
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 2,360
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 1,260
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 1,080
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 820
1MVcqLKaS7UCwcFx6zWe6de9zLuMPbg3aC 820
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 720
3H7MbNbMhWbXTo6fwVvJ9DKoLLd5zcvLVy 720
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 280
14ZosNA3R5F8SyiaWE4GxBcqNhQE7i6WXp 100
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 100
1GsCNSyef61ZpBpt4n97EKLhteCQWMWVkN 40
1JAM2huCqgYBiRGQkXVtYHBz3Ce5jBduSp 20
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 6,240
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 3,220
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 2,360
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,340
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 2,000
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 1,140
1JAM2huCqgYBiRGQkXVtYHBz3Ce5jBduSp 480
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 460
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 400
3L1MFNUNR9b4rg932AegQpuJ6rZMss4zXx 360
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 280
3H7MbNbMhWbXTo6fwVvJ9DKoLLd5zcvLVy 260
37WqHEWGVYS8T4Cjrec9ptdcxMtukYbHRj 140
3D3aV27LgoM1ycsaJYtheUKUAbpz2EuXRx 140
12KeYi5CcCA4VHj5cZ3tyvWqWTLQ8LSLqr 100
1MVcqLKaS7UCwcFx6zWe6de9zLuMPbg3aC 80
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 6,180
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 3,540
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 2,840
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,320
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 2,080
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 820
1JAM2huCqgYBiRGQkXVtYHBz3Ce5jBduSp 580
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 460
1GsCNSyef61ZpBpt4n97EKLhteCQWMWVkN 420
1MVcqLKaS7UCwcFx6zWe6de9zLuMPbg3aC 300
3L1MFNUNR9b4rg932AegQpuJ6rZMss4zXx 180
14ZosNA3R5F8SyiaWE4GxBcqNhQE7i6WXp 80
1HtegWgwhXA6WSGRxecwosoZfJWVNmQAR8 80
3H7MbNbMhWbXTo6fwVvJ9DKoLLd5zcvLVy 40
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 40
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 20
1GoTzTGt1Bqp8aMVY2EeNWhvgrpkQN2f6R 20
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 4,220
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 3,340
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 3,120
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 2,660
1AjPS5cDBEx78PFK2HVWVgRBFW8j61LxBw 1,760
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 840
3H7MbNbMhWbXTo6fwVvJ9DKoLLd5zcvLVy 760
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 640
1MVcqLKaS7UCwcFx6zWe6de9zLuMPbg3aC 580
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 520
1JAM2huCqgYBiRGQkXVtYHBz3Ce5jBduSp 460
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 420
129w8bAuFigVuerSQS1LfGP99PnezPTfNS 340
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 180
1GsCNSyef61ZpBpt4n97EKLhteCQWMWVkN 160
1P6ykCH1K8SofpprDbEFbbvFQhSFE4YBck 5,720
3BXUapiKakpL6unVoDsnuG7a737SYSdveY 2,960
1GTyKXufGwjWLxHu66uuE4bVaZvYuT6RMq 2,660
18ewKE199ZMmc24ADnWBN3bXDN9RVgKzcx 2,320
1JGvmn3cXZiZDiJ6TqWzowiVT3DNHHthMQ 1,620
199dQFfRvEgYCpJggYUP8vQmm7MmZEyrkW 1,540
15MkYcmCEZQ8Vbr8XCp9mM5UwzjBoSVkpd 980
1Gj7fxQUfMPQkdrR97qXDN9ZTjfBdYx51z 600
3FJL1WF7CJ7oigZinCJ4pcrQ6ymqPs44bZ 580
1GsCNSyef61ZpBpt4n97EKLhteCQWMWVkN 420
129w8bAuFigVuerSQS1LfGP99PnezPTfNS 340

49 Responses

  1. AVA Bitcoin says:

    Please note:

    We’ve switched to weekly prize draw. Now the rewards will be drawn on Saturday morning (CET). Daily average prize fund is increased.

  2. datprovn2999 says:

    how to use

    • fares1010 says:


      you are claiming free entries every 30 s , the entries you claim Turn Satoshi every day. The more you collect, the more chance you will have for getting more Satoshi

  3. calderax says:

    Do we earn satoshis after every claim? Or just entries ?

  4. calderax says:

    where to claim?

  5. AVA Bitcoin says:

    UPDATE: Referral comission and Seniority bonuses are now enabled!

  6. Jeth says:


    No referral link yet? πŸ™‚

  7. AVA Bitcoin says:

    We had some payout issues yesterday, but it’s all resolved now. Payouts for yesterday and today are done! πŸ™‚

  8. BJ says:

    No reward today?

  9. BJ says:

    I prefer Solve Media to Recaptcha. With Recaptcha, I’ve often made wrong answers. (Imagine when you have to consider a very small thing in a small smart phone panel)

  10. fares1010 says:

    when i solve captcha told me wrong captcha , this is happen many times , from yesterday
    not here but on all faucets , anyone know the reason ?

  11. Sarmat72 says:

    Why did not the last transaction arrive on 05/08/2017. On ? And there is no transaction with the as well ? Help.

  12. Carlosft says:

    How can I claim entries? I can’t find the way to claim.

    • AVA Bitcoin says:

      I’m guessing you already have an account. Basically, you only need to enter your BTC address (linked to FaucetHub) and solve CAPTCHA.

      If you still don’t see CAPTCHA – it’s probably covered with Social sharing liks – you need to share it on Facebook, Twitter etc…before you can see the CAPTCHA and claim entries.

  13. anselmomelo says:

    Isso ai

  14. settawut says:

    good job

  15. DANGi says:

    each 30 minutes I should enter anew the login and password. at the same time the tick to remember me is present at the website. solve this problem please

  16. alekhliboff says:


  17. alekhliboff says:


  18. nnw0009 says:

    Thank you Admin for your rewards .

    Ihave done sharing your sit in facebook social network.

    Long live AVA ! ! !

  19. stefano says:

    AVA Bitcoin is grateful to you in many ways, and the stakes will remain for captcha or will be reduced.120 satos This is 1 captcha

  20. AVA Bitcoin says:

    Payouts are now done. This is Beta, so we’re still debugging. Should go smooth tomorrow.

  21. stefano says:

    Kind time of day AVA Bitcoin where I will see that I have earned in statistics or in a purse the collector of the concentrator and what average tariff for a hallmark

  22. nnw0009 says:

    Please show rewards. We are Claimers.

  23. ErmeloBoy78 says:

    Hi I keep on doing the captcha wrong! I have it for like a week now at almost every site which works with captcha

  24. AVA Bitcoin says:

    We’re in Beta phase. No referral currently. When it’s enabled it will automatically show after you make a claim.

  25. fares1010 says:

    where is my ref link?

  26. fares1010 says:

    wow …. great faucet πŸ™‚

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