AVA Faucet is for Sale!

We’ve decided to offer our faucet for sale to serious bidder – feeel free to send us a message if you’re one of those.

Why are we selling it?

Reasons are clean and simple. We have multiple projects and every now and then we need to invest more time and energy to some of them, while other projects are used to finance those with highest priority. Since we have limited human and financial resources, we’re not able to develop and maintain each project as much as we would like. AVA Bitcoin Faucet is a stable and profitable project, however, we wish to focus on our other sites right now, and we hope that this website will end up in good hands.

What do you get?

New owner of AVA Bitcoin faucet gets the whole package:

  • Fully operational and profitable¬†website
    • Alexa rank ~ 340.000
    • Domain Authority: 9
    • Page Authority: 18
    • Number of backlinks: ~ 170
  • Domain name (will be transferred to your namecheap account)
  • Help with transfer to your hosting – we will assist you with complete installation of WordPress site, theme, plugins and faucet. You will get full website functionality, as well as entire database containing all faucet user addresses and stats, so users won’t notice the migration and will be able to continue using the faucet like nothing happened
  • Source files and graphics (logo)

What isn’t included?

  • Our advertising networks accounts – we can’t give them to you because they’re used on other projects too. However, you will easily get approvement for this website on your own accounts

Other questions?

Naturally, buyers of websites like this will expect to get additional information regarding traffic, expenses, earnings etc. We will gladly share those with serious bidders.


Price is open to negotiations, however we won’t be considering offers low and insulting offers. Faucet is making profits each month, and¬†it makes no sense to sell it under a certain amount.


Interested? Get in touch with us.

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