Welcome to AVA Bitcoin Faucet!

How much: 100, 125, 150, 175, 500 or 10000 Satoshi every 15 minutes to your ePay account!

Payout is done at least 5 times a week, if you reach threshold of 5000 Satoshi.

Loyalty bonus: Claim every day to get bonus – after 5 days get 5% bonus, after 15 days get 10% bonus and after 30 days get 15% bonus to all your payouts. If you skip your claims for 3 days in a row, your loyalty bonus will reset to zero.

Daily claim limit: 40 claims per IP/Bitcoin address per day. Any address above this limit will be banned and won’t get payouts. Same will happen to all your referrals.

Referral comission: 20%

How to claim your Bitcoins?

1. Make sure you opened ePay account first.

2. Solve CAPTCHA below:

3. Enter your Bitcoin address:

4. Click Claim Bitcoin button: